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Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive 5ml

Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive 5ml


Eyelash adhesive for sensitive eyes
Drying time: 2-3 seconds
Retention/Lasts: 4-5 weeks
Fumes: low 
Colour: Black
Bottle Volume: 5 ml

eyelash adhesive for sensitive eyes

Shake well before use (30-60 seconds)
Optimal temperature for the glue is 65-80F (18-27°C) with humidity 50-70%
After each use ensure to clean the nozzle and close the cap tightly.
Store the adhesive in the provided resealable bag.
Store the glue in a dark place.
Best if used within three months of opening.

For use by eyelash extensions professionals only.

Do not buy if you are not a proffessional authorized to do eyelash extensions. 
Instruct your clients to keep their eyes closed throughout the entire eyelash application process.
Avoid contact of the glue with your client’s eyes and skin.
Consult a professional. Never attempt to apply eyelash extensions on yourself.
If the glue makes contact with your client’s eyes, immediately flush with water for a period of 15 minutes.
If an allergic reaction, puffiness, redness or itching develops. Discontinue use and consult a physician.

Best eyelash adhesive for sensitive eyes

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