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Anny-M Beauty is a boutique salon studio that specialize in Eyebrow Microblading, Eyelash Lift/Tint, Eyebrow Wax Design and Tint  Eyelash Extensions and now body waxing with LaBella 

Next door separate from the Salon is our Academy that have trained hundreds of lash and brow professionals.

All services offered at the salon are provided by Experienced, Licensed and Certified Professionals



My name is Anny and I have always been passionate for the beauty industry and makeup. I have a degree in business management and have worked with home loans, marketing, sales, management,and makeup artistry.

Because of my passion for makeup artistry and beauty industry I decided to take this journey in the beauty industry further and I have acquired all certifications and licenses to ensure you have the safest and most exceptional experience because that is my priority.

What I most love about my job is to know that each day I wake up knowing that my work is going to help my clients be the most confident, beautiful version of themselves and help them achieve whatever their goals are. It is this feeling that drives me to be the best that I can be. I enjoy the feeling that I am empowering the people I work on and I love the process of being an entrepreneur.  It takes patience and love, but I know that I am helping change the world one face at a time

With now over 7 years experience, hundreds of clients helped and students certified here are some my credentials. 


Degree in Business Management

Advanced Makeup Training and Certification

Microblading Trained and Certified by a Derm PA 

Microblading Instructor 

Licensed Esthetician 

NALA Certified Educator (National Association of Lash Artist)

Advance Microblading Training (Realistic Heirstrokes) IESPEM Brazil 

International PMU Certificate (Permanent makeup)



Specialization in Pigment Removal 

International Specialization in HD Brows/ powder Brows/ hair strokes brows with PMU machine and Hybrid Brows - IESPEM (BRAZIL)

International Specialization in lips and eyeliner permanent makeup (Brows, Lips, Eyeliner) AMIEA 

Certification of attendance in one of the most renowned conference at Nouveau Contour Master in Micropigmentation with Master Classes from TOP professionals from al over the world (Advanced techniques in brows, lips, Areola, Brow Symmetry, Eyeliner) 

Eyelash Extension Training and Certification / Eyelash Extension Instructor with NALA

DOH Regular Inspections for Safety

Department of Health Establishment License required by DOH for procedures and training 

Biomedical Waste Permit 

Cosmetology Salon License 

Bloodbourne Pathogen course completed required by law

Department of Health Tattoo License required by law

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